5 Good Reasons to Go to Summer Date Nights on Thursdays at Mama G's!

Summer Date Nights are a great excuse for adults to get out of the house on a weeknight for Dessert & Dance Lessons!

  1. Foxglove will provide the dance lessons, Mama G’s will provide the liquid courage (and solid desserts!).
  2. Brownie points AND actual brownies.
  3. Never waddle in a circle to slow songs again.
  4. Embarrass your kids at weddings by killing it on the dance floor after learning these line dances.
  5. Teenagers shouldn’t be the only ones dancing on porches in the summer!

Seriously friends, we're excited to see many of you on Thursdays at Mama G's for Summer Date Nights!  For more details click here:  www.foxglovecotillion.com/summer

You can purchase tickets right here!  You're also welcome to purchase tickets at the door.  And, if you bring a dance partner (guy or girl), we will give both of you a discount $5 discount.  Can't wait to see you there!

Summer Date Night
from 20.00
If You're Bringing a Dance Partner:
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