How hard is it to ask someone to dance?

Think back to being in high school, in college, out on the town, at a wedding, or at a party.  Asking someone to dance is pretty nerve wracking; and it’s pretty easy to make a fool out of yourself!  

But what if you had already practiced doing it the right way over 100 times in middle school?  

Would it be easier?  You bet it would.  

Foxglove Cotillion walks 5th - 8th grade students through social situations that can be quite uncomfortable at first, before practice and repetition puts them at ease.  Then, when that student faces the need to make a good impression, the actual steps to take are easy and automatic.

We all went through middle school.  We were all challenged socially.  As adults, we know what skills would have made life easier, and which ones will carry us into adulthood.  Our goal is to teach middle school boys and girls the skills they need to be more comfortable socially, even in formal situations, and in turn to put others at ease.   

Come to our Orientation this Sunday, February 21st in the main Dining Room at Kingwood Country Club, and learn more about Foxglove Cotillion and what we can teach your student.

To sign up for Foxglove Cotillion Classes this spring, just fill out the form on our Waiting List and we'll email you a registration link where you can pay!