Between the internet and what we teach at home, why pay for cotillion classes?


For the same reason that a high school football team doesn’t only get together on Friday nights:  Without practice, they would embarrass themselves.  

Honestly, we’re counting on families to instill the importance of good manners.  We’re just here to add to their students’ knowledge, and give them the opportunity to get together with friends, and practice, practice, practice… until it becomes habit.  

As you know, students respond differently around their friends.  And skills like properly wielding silverware and dancing a foxtrot are mechanical skills that eventually become muscle memory.  But skills like asking someone to dance or paying a polite compliment become easier and easier with repetition—and that repetition is much easier when you practice with friends.

We hope you will continue to educate your students on your own. We’ll continue to provide them with a phenomenal opportunity to learn, reinforce, sharpen, and practice those skills.

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