The Fam Jam Photo Recap is HERE!

Our Foxglove Cotillion Family Jamboree 2017 was once again a big success.  Here are some of the highlights courtesy of Kurtis Miller (click to enlarge the thumbnails as you scroll down).

All these photos and all the group photos are available for download as a collection on our website and individually on our Facebook page!

What an Evening!   Dec 17th was Beautiful. 

The Rabun Manor, for the second year in a row, was a gorgeous setting for our annual Fam Jam.  From the tasteful holiday decor to the roaring fire, they really set the mood and provided an elegant backdrop for a delicious holiday tradition. 

Surrounded by her family, President and Founder, Page Rhoad explained why dining etiquette is ultimately about making it easier to enjoy each other.

She thanked Rabun Manor and the cotillion family that has supported her and called on her students in attendance to show off some of the things they had learned.  Page guided everyone through formal dining etiquette with charm and left everyone feeling empowered for the coming holiday meals with family and friends.

Before the dinner concluded and gave way to the group photos and the draw of the dance floor, her son and business partner Clifton Rhoad addressed the room for a few minutes and spoke about how proud he was of the current students, and the importance of young people developing a set of soft skills and social graces to compliment their journey as young adults—something we all wish we had a little more of growing up.

The evening ended in a twirling medly of Christmas music and people dancing!

With Foxglove Cotillion's students and their families from past years leading the way, the cloth napkins and good manners gave way to great dance steps as the Christmas music cranked up.  They learned line dances and did a little shag to Swing music and even squeezed in a Foxtrot before dragging some family members to the dance floor!  

It wouldn't be a Family Jamboree without family photos!

As the evening came to a close, families and friends gathered to get a photo and commemorate a night of delicious food, timeless advice, good manners & great dancing.


Individual images are available for download on our Facebook page

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Thank You Notes

To all of our sponsors and the community that has supported us here in Rabun County, thank you so very much.  We intend to serve you and your children well.  Truly, we are in their hands, and we genuinely expect that they will make us all proud.