5 Funny Reasons to Attend the Fam Jam

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The Fam Jam is a delicious formal instructional dinner!

  1. Learn some tips just in time to keep your family of savages somewhat civilized at Grandma's
  2. Avoid embarrassing yourself at wedding buffets (leave that for the dance floor)
  3. You can invite that one relative who always chews with their mouth open
  4. There's a decent chance of getting to see your family members attempt the cha cha slide afterward
  5. And lastly, learn better table manners so you can focus on arguing about politics!

Seriously friends, we're excited to see many of you on December 17th at Rabun Manor for the Family Jamboree!  For more details click here:  www.foxglovecotillion.com/famjam

You can purchase tickets right here!  Please buy your tickets in advance so that we can prepare the food accordingly.  See you soon!

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